Wakefield (2021)




164502262_3770638806366413_5391318355678481153_nWAKEFIELD (2021)


TV Series

Jungle Entertainment ABC and BBC

Director Jocelyn Moorhouse  Kim Mordaunt

Writers Kristen Dunphy  Joan Sauers  Cathryn Strickland  Sam Meikle

Producer Ally Henville  Shay Spencer Alex Mitchell

Executive Producers Kristen Dunphy  Jason Burrows  Chloe Rickard  Que Minh Luu  Sally Riley

Music by Caitlin Yeo and Maria Alfonsine
Featuring Damian de Boos-Smith
and Rucha Lange
Music Recorded and Mixed at Studio D, Church Street Studios
Music Recorded by Damian de Boos-Smith and Maria Alfonsine
Music Mixed by Maria Alfonsine, Caitlin Yeo and Damian de Boos-Smith
Cello, Viola, Violin, Guitars Damian de Boos-Smith
Indian Vocal Rucha Lange
Vocals Maria Alfonsine, Damian de Boos-Smith, Caitlin Yeo
Violin Veronique Serret
Violin Ben Adler
Viola Carl St Jaques
Cello Rowena Macniesh
Tabla, Konnokol Bobby Singh
Percussion Damian de Boos-Smith, Maria Alfonsine, Jess Ciampa
Piano Caitlin Yeo, Maria Alfonsine
Accordion Caitlin Yeo
Psaltry, Clarinet Maria Alfonsine
Additional Music Damian de Boos-Smith