Occupation: Native (2017)

1×60′ Documentary for SBS and NITV

WINNER of SPAA Best series documentary 2017

The majority of Australians grew up with a very one-sided history of our nation. From white settlement to today, that account has mostly been viewed from a single perspective. Occupation: Native sets out to change that. Using a range of approaches – some serious, some humorous – filmmaker Trisha Morton-Thomas adjusts the narrative to include the experience and history of Australia’s Indigenous community. There’s always more than one way to look at a story, and this documentary presents – without judgement – a perspective that’s been disregarded for too long.

Watch Occupation: Native on Sunday 13th August 8.30pm on NITV and 9.30pm on SBS.

Writer/Director: Trisha Morton-Thomas

Producers: Rachel Clements, Meredith Garlick and Trisha Morton-Thomas

Editor: James Bradley

Cinematographer: Tim Alewood

Music by Caitlin Yeo

Music Assistant: Andrew Scott

Below is the fabulous Occupation: Native team. (From left to right: Trisha Morton-Thomas, Rachel Clements, Caitlin Yeo, Wes Chew and James Bradley at Sonar Sound)