WINNER – 2007 APRA AGSC Screen Music Award Best Music for a Documentary

55′ and Feature Documentary 

Over 35 years ago, during the Vietnam War, American bombs rained down on Laos in the ‘Secret War’, leaving it the most bombed country, per capita, in history.  The deadly legacy of this destruction continues, with the country still scattered with unexploded ordnance. A huge live bomb is found behind a village school and straight-talking, laconic Australian bomb disposal specialist Laith Stevens arrives to check it out. He’s in the process of training a new ‘big bomb’ team, so reluctantly leaves the bomb’s disposal until the team is up to the task. Reluctant, because rural poverty has triggered a brisk illegal trade in bomb scrap metal and the local children are out hunting for bombs.

Directed by Kim Mordaunt

Produced by Sylvia Wilczynski

Written by Kim Mordaunt and Sylvia Wilczynski

Cinematographer: Kim Mordaunt

Original Music by Caitlin Yeo