Fox Newman Scoring Session for ASCAP

In July 2011, Iattended the 2011 ASCAP Film and TV Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis in Los Angeles.

Although the entire trip was an amazing experience, without doubt the highlight was the chance to compose for a 62-piece orchestra. The recording session at Fox Newman Scoring stage was an amazing experience. The orchestra were on their second call of the day, their first being John Williams.

The clip I was assigned was the opening scene of Ice Age 2.  I chose to approach the scene with an exotic, playful style. I wanted the music to twist and turn with the characters and create a theme park of fun.

Please note the astounding music mix by JOHN HAENY in Tasmania. He brought this piece to life more than I could ever have imagined. Lastly, I had a lot of fun adding a little extra accordion on to the piece. Enjoy!

An Exotic Ride – ASCAP Workshop;