Back from L.A…..

I have just returned from the ultimate crash course in the rhythm of hollywood for screen composers. The ASCAP Film and TV Scoring Workshop. Whilst there i was fortunate enough to be mentored by the insightful Richard Bellis. Along with 11 other hand-picked participants, we had a month long masterclass with industry professionals on the craft and business of Hollywood.

On day 1 of the workshop, we were given a clip from a well known Hollywood film, to score for a 62 piece orchestra of the best players in LA, and a little over a week to compose it!  Our ideas were brought to fruition on the night of the scoring session where we had just 16 minutes to conduct and record a 2.5 minute piece of music. To say this was a highlight of my trip is an understatement. The orchestra was marvellous, and brought the music to life with enthusiasm and style. The respect these players have for film music, both written by established and emerging composers was refreshing. They were there to work with us to make the best possible sounding score….and they did!

Stay tuned to hear the piece i wrote…..will spend the next few weeks mixing it, and then will post it on this site. It’s a whole heap of fun!

Not only did i experience the joys of working with such a high-end orchestra, i was also given seminars and tours with some of Hollywoods most talented composers. A highlight was visiting Ron Jones. He is extremely passionate about his craft and told us enough anecdotes to give us a sneak peak into the politics of hollywood.

On the return Qantas Flight, I was delighted to find the feature film i scored called Jucy. (KCDC and Bunker Productions) as part of the inflight entertainment. Thanks for supporting Australian film Qantas.  A wonderful treat to end an insightful and remarkable experience.” height=”203″