JUCY is on at the Seattle International Film Festival

Jucy is a fantastic womantic comedy of crazy proportions that i scored last year. It is totally fun and true to Louise Alston’s Australian comic style. Currently, it’s screening at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Rather than a celebrity couple like Brangelina, Louise Alston’s warm-hearted comedy revolves around the womance of flame-haired Jackie and full-figured Lucy (Cindy Nelson and Francesca Gasteen, real-life best friends who created the characters together), aka Jucy, which has come to an end as the film begins. Alston then backtracks to better days as the two Brisbane video store clerks and amateur actresses spend all their time together to the consternation of friends and relatives who find them adolescent—which isn’t completely off the mark. With their predilection for animal prints and neon nail polish, they’re like a younger, working-class version of the fun-loving duo in Absolutely Fabulous, but the fun stops when Jackie sets her sights on shallow stage actor/director Alex (Ryan Johnson), unaware that assistant director Trevor (Damien Freeleagus) finds her far more interesting. Both ladies audition to play Jane Eyre opposite Alex’s Rochester, but their friendship deteriorates when the cast list comes out. Cast as crazy Mrs. Rochester, Jackie chooses that time to go off her meds, and all hell breaks loose. Worse yet, everyone conspires to keep Jucy from getting back together, challenging Jackie and Lucy to see if they can grow up and make up at the same time.

Its a must see guys and gals in Seattle. Also, check out the french chanson that i wrote with the delightful Lara Goodridge (Fourplay String Quartet) for the opening dance number.